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August 27

Man Of Reel: Dangerous Habits

Evenin’ folks. Long time; no see. It’s hard to believe it’s been about a year and a half since I last wrote for Modern Mythologies, given how much has happened in the world of superhero films since even then. Not only has the genre been solidified as one of the most profitable and omni-present in […]

February 12

Man Of Reel: Destiny & Loss

Welcome back to the fabled world of cinema, fellow mythologists. You’ll have to pardon the lateness of this post; the Man of Reel has been locked in battle against the combined forces of grad school and seasonal depression for some time now and only recently has he been able to temporarily subdue his arch-nemeses in […]

December 21

Man Of Reel: Dark Dualities

Happy Holidays, Bat-fans! It’s The Dark Knight Before Christmas, the signal has been lit and once again it’s time for me to go on patrol among the towering skyscrapers of the DC Film Universe. But what could possibly fit the occasion? Other writers on the site have already shown that Batman and Christmas are no […]

November 07

Man Of Reel: Undone By Fear, Elevated By Courage

Greetings from the world of cinema everyone! Welcome to Man Of Reel, a new segment here where I’ll be analyzing the filmic output of the DC Universe. The cinematic world is currently enraptured with superheroes, with comic book films raking in money hand-over-fist in markets worldwide, and the intention here is for us to figure […]